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There's a Son on the Other Side of Your Storm

The Lord said to Noah, "Son build me an ark
I'm gonna make it rain so you better start
This whole messed up world is deep in sin
I can't believe the shape that mankind is in

I'll give you a sign when your trip is done
A rainbow in the sky from the light of my Son
A precious covenant to those who receive
'Cause I got the backs of those who believe that."

There's a Son, Son, on the other side of your storm
No matter how dark your clouds, His light comes shining more
Go on pray believing, trust in your faith
Call on His name and He'll make a way
'Cause there's a Son, Son, on the other side of your storm.

The disciples and the Lord had a long hard day
They loaded up a boat to rest and get away
By the time they got to the middle of the sea
A storm was ragin' on Galilee

Through the wind and the rain "Lord save us" they cried
Jesus shook His head, rubbed the sleep from His eyes
He rebuked the wind then calmed the sea
And then they realized that with Jesus they could see that (Chorus)

Sometimes in our life we don't recognize the Lord
When He comes to us in the middle of our storms
He'll speak to your storm "Be calm and at peace!"
By the pattern of His words we can make them cease!